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PPC Services

Pay Per Click Search Engine Management

Anyone can manage a pay per click campaign, but can they bring more relevant traffic, decrease cost per click, and essentially increase ROI?

ppc campaign management

Click Fraud

Click fraud is difficult for some to grasp, it is here and it is reality. It is unavoidable, but the bright side is, it can be prevented, and if it does happen, the cost can be minimized. There are strategies to lower your fraud clicks just as there are strategies to increase your ranking. If you do nothing about it, your results will be dismal.


Here are a few points that the Vendivo team helped clients overcome pay per click challenges:
  • An online company increased click-through-rate(CTR) by 650%, generated record lead generation, and ultimately, record sales.
  • Another company saved 40% of overall per click cost, and increased traffic two-fold on the same stroke.
  • A B2B company had record sales and sales are steadily rising.

Ad Creative

How much does your little ad descriptive matter? It actually matters a lot. We know how to attract the right customers with the right ad. It takes creativity, constant testing, and precise tracking to produce results.