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Web Analytics Services

Web Marketing Analytics Services

Web marketing analytics vTracker is Vendivo's smart tracking technology that tracks and analyzes all web traffic. It's a tool that helps maximize your return on investment. It lets you understand your visitor behavior and understand trends.  It is a complete, next-generation analytics software that delivers rich information, usability, and reach, enabling you to get maximum result from your marketing efforts.

The Bottom Line

vTracker empowers marketers to continually and in real-time measure and improve effectiveness of their multichannel marketing campaigns.

vTracker allows you to:

  • Detect click fraud.
  • vtracker marketing analytics
  • Track ROI from any web marketing effort (pay per click, banner advertising, email and affiliate marketing).
  • View conversion effectiveness by campaign, search engine, or by keywords.
  • Analyze activity by particular visitor or group of visitors.
  • Watch trends in years, months, weeks, days or even hours.
  • Track Adsense clicks.
  • Learn which traffic source delivers the highest returns.