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aAbout Us

Orange County Search Engine Optimization Consultant


A few points to start with:

  • We started in 2004
  • The majority of our new business comes from referrals
  • We are experts in search engine optimization, pay per click, usability and online marketing research.

Why are we different?

Let us get to the point. With so many search engine marketing firms out there, why should you pick Vendivo?

Well we asked our clients and this is what they told us:

We understand your business

We believe that in order to produce a web marketing strategy, you need to understand the business. It is important to know what the business drivers behind the site are, how it integrates with the wider marketing strategy and how the success of the site will be judged. By understanding the business, we can be proactive in suggesting ways your online presence can help you achieve wider business objectives.

We are flexible and responsive

Few things in life or business are certain. However, on this you can reply; in business, things are constantly changing and changing fast! Vendivo recognizes this fact and have worked hard to ensure we can respond to these changes in a positive and timely manner.

Our clients enjoy working with us

Our clients applaud our attitude. It is a huge compliment to hear that our clients actually enjoyed working with us. When we encouraged them to say why the general response was that, we were friendly, approachable, helpful and transparent, always keeping them informed about how the project was progressing.  To our existing clients, please let us know how we're doing, don't worry, we won't let it get to our head.